LLVM 15.0.3 Released!

LLVM 15.0.3 is now available!



Future releases

While the GitHub milestone was not completely empty the issues still filed there haven’t seen any recent activity and developers have not responded to my pings. If you still have fixes you think should go into 15.x at this point - they have to be pretty major. Please ping me directly here, on discord, or via email (you can find it in my profile) and discuss if we should make another 15.x release. I will not open a milestone for this at this point.

LLVM 16.x release branching should happen in January 2023.


This was my last release as interim release manager. I want to make sure to thank everyone who helped make LLVM 15.x a great release.

In a week I will post a discourse post with some lingering issues and a postmortem from the 15.x release process. Keep an eye out for that since it will contain some issues that should be solved before 16.x releases.