LLVM Weekly - #460, October 24th 2022

LLVM Weekly - #460, October 24th 2022

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News and articles from around the web

LLVM 15.0.3 was released.

Registration is now sold out for the 2022 US LLVM Developers’ Meeting and associated events.

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LLVM commits

  • The RISC-V backend gained support for the short forward branch optimisation benefiting the SiFive 7-series. 2b32e4f.

  • The ‘driver’, extensive documentation, and additional ‘logical elements’ of the implementation of the llvm-debuginfo-analyzer tool was added. c28a977, e28b935, 3c397c9, 0332a8e, de1e911.

  • The LocalStackSlotAllocation pass was enabled for RISC-V. 82c820b.

  • IR and bitcode support was implemented for the memory attribute. e9754f0.

Clang commits

  • Intrinsics were exposed for X86 PREFETCHI and AMX-FP16 instructions. 62ca791, 661881d.

  • An include-cleaner tool was added to clang-tools-extra. 6fa0e02.

  • Clang now supports __has_constexpr_builtin. 5b56763.

Other project commits

  • Documentation was committed about aliasing analysis in FIR. 19f4153.

  • LLVM’s libc gained implementations of putc, fputc, putchar, sigaltstack, select, and fgetc 40b4943, 6795736, be4e425, 0480b45.

  • Function call dumping was added to LLDB. 566146c, 840d861, f1e6385.

  • The initial definition of the MLIR ‘index’ dialect was added. ddf87d6, cae746d.