LLVM 15.0.4 release schedule update


There seem to be a few patches that would be good to get out in the 15.x release window. So we will do another 15.x release - 15.0.4 will be released on the first of November. I have created a milestone to use for this release here: LLVM 15.0.4 Release Milestone (github.com)

Please file issues and review the patches in that milestone.


This is normal, isn’t it? I thought there are always 5 micro releases and only the .0.6 release is optional.
Asking because I know about an issue I’d like fixed in 15 as well, so I guess I have to prioritize that(?)

I signaled back when I was doing 15.0.2 and 15.0.3 that there didn’t look like there were that many releases left since there were very few patches compared to 14-point releases. I didn’t get any feedback on that at all so I planned to make 15.0.3 the last one since currently, we only have 3 patches lined up with really only 2 that seem essential. I was actually not aware of us committing to the 5 releases until I heard that from Tom when he was back from his vacation, a miss on my part.

FWIW I don’t think it makes sense to do releases unless we actually have important patches lined up, it’s a lot of work for the release testers to do a new release, test, and upload binaries - which leads to some binaries not being built for newer point-releases.

This is something I think we should discuss in the post-mortem of this release when we are done.

As the plan is right now - I will definitely do 15.0.4 and if the feedback is that we should do 15.0.5 as well, I will definitely do that. But if you want to guarantee a fix for 15.x series I think getting it in during next week would be good.

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Alright, thanks for the information. Sorry I didn’t check the old releases thoroughly enough. I’ve created a phab review with the needed changes.

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