LLVM 15.0.x release update

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to give a status update on LLVM 15.0.x releases:

  • 15.0.1 was released the 20th of September
  • 15.0.2 is scheduled to be release this coming Tuesday the 4th of October.
  • 15.0.3 is scheduled for the 18th of October

The pace of fixes has really slowed down since 15.0.1 was released and there is only a handful of fixes merged into 15.0.2. You still have a few days to review and propose fixes.

But unless something changes after 15.0.2 I think 15.0.3 is probably going to be the last release of the 15.x release series. But I’ll post another update closer to 15.0.3.

Thanks for all the help with getting fixes posted and reviewed!

– Tobias