LLVM 15.0.4 Released

LLVM 15.0.4 is now available. This release is a bug-fix release and is API and ABI compatible with 15.0.0.

Release sources and binaries can be found on the release page .

Below is the full list of changes since 15.0.3:

5c68a1cb1231 AMDGPU: Make various vector undefs legal
80a9fc840b1b [clang][Sema] Fix a clang crash with btf_type_tag
08bd84e8a635 [SPARC] Make calls to function with big return values work
9d46557baa84 Take memset_inline into account in analyzeLoadFromClobberingMemInst
dd711a939122 [lld-macho] Canonicalize personality pointers in EH frames
3010b7e00000 [clang][driver] Remove dynamic gcc-toolset/devtoolset logic
db68723804fd [clangd] Return earlier when snippet is empty
2d5c43ad4844 [lldb] Automatically unwrap parameter packs in template argument accessors
1e1c5204c259 [SystemZ] Relase notes for LLVM 15
dccd0613025a [ELF] Suppress “duplicate symbol” when resolving STB_WEAK and STB_GNU_UNIQUE in different COMDATs
5834fe66318b [AutoUpgrade] Fix remangling when upgrading struct return type
5388da13992c Bump version to 15.0.4
455e1d765ad6 [InstCombine] Bail out of casting calls when a conversion from/to byval is involved.
ceee53ce564c [SROA] Don’t speculate phis with different load user types
086365be7ce0 [test] Make Linux/sem_init_glibc.cpp robust

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LLDB fails to build with:

Deprecated command line option: -py3. Ignored, this option is no longer supported.
/build/llvm-toolchain-15-15.0.4/lldb/bindings/interfaces.swig:5: Error: Macro ‘__STDC_LIMIT_MACROS’ redefined,
:1: Error: previous definition of ‘__STDC_LIMIT_MACROS’.

was ok with 15.0.3

@sylvestre: this may be related to updated swig version, see ⚙ D134877 [lldb] Get rid of __STDC_LIMIT_MACROS and __STDC_CONSTANT_MACROS

Hi, will there be a 15.0.5 release? Asking because I saw some discussion that there might not be many remaining patches to release: LLVM 15.0.4 release schedule update - #3 by tobiashieta.

It looks like there will be a 15.0.5 due to the lldb/swig issue.

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I’d also have a patch to backport to 15.0.5.

I think we should keep discussions outside of the announcements category: post here are broadcasted to a wide audience.
@tstellar : you may want in the future to add a link to another thread for discussions related to the releases?

I am not sure what category to move discussions to.

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