LLVM Code Generation

Hi, all !
I am doing some study about code generation in LLVM, It is a pity that there is little introduction to it. Some paper introduces that code generation in LLVM is based on Table Driven, and i have referred paper “An experiment in table driven code generation”, But it has not given me any help. Can you give a help understanding the code generation in LLVM. Thanks a lot.

There is some documentation on the Code Generator infrastructure in the LLVM documentation. Please see: If you have specific questions about the code generator infrastructure, please feel free to ask on the mailing list or on the IRC channel. Regards, John Criswell

The tutorial from LLVM conference may help, here is the link:


Thanks all. The documentation for TableGen in LLVM.ORG gives a detailed introduction of TableGen Tool, the matcher table produced by TableGen can be understood after analysing the source code. I hope get a paper introducing How target select its code and why.
http://eli.thegreenplace.net/2013/02/25/a-deeper-look-into-the-llvm-code-generator-part-1/ This is a page for the explanation of How Select Instruction works.