Llvm:crash vs crash label


Does it really make sense to have sub-project-specific labels when generic ones could be used? Examples are: llvm:crash and crash (there are also generic variations crash-on-valid and crash-on-invalid); clang:documentation and documentation; also llvm:hang (other parts of code could hang too).

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I think the intent of llvm:crash is to have a way to filter just crashes in llvm/. Same for llvm:hang. Other parts of the code could also hang though.

I am not sure if there’s a better way to manage our labels that still allow us to easily filter all crashes in llvm, all hangs in clang and so on.

But do such filtering is really needed? Developers are mostly working with particular part of llvm, clang, etc, and filtering of part + problem label is there.

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IMO this information is useful to get a per-subproject overview to get a rough picture on the state of a sub-project.

An alternative would be to have a generic llvm label and combine that with the generic crash label

I would think that label:llvm label:crash would be a good filtering, keeping the attributes orthogonal. That is labelling separately the component from the type of issues.

Sounds good, but I think we would need to look at more labels than llvm:crash to make sure we have a consistent scheme. E.g. we also have llvm:compiletime and llvm:hang which also would make sense as generic labels without the llvm: prefix. There may be others.

Generic slow-compile is equivalent of llvm:compiletime.

Yeah I suspect we have more such redundant/duplicated labels.

It sounds like the preferred direction is to have umbrella labels for sub-projects (llvm, clang) and replace some of the scope labels (like llvm:crash) with their generic counterparts and the correct umbrella label.

I went ahead and created an LLVM umbrella label: Issues · llvm/llvm-project · GitHub

What’s left to do is to update issues using the scoped labels. I am not sure if there’s an automatic way to update the labels for all issues using llvm:crash to instead use llvm and crash.

I think it’ll be better to have scripts or queries that include all project-specific (llvm:, clang:, etc) labels than duplicate specific label(s) with umbrella one.

Sure that would be good, but I don’t think this works with Github’s issue search at the moment so I don’t think there’s much we can do other than structuring our labels in a way that works with Github’s search feature.

I tried searching for label:'llvm:' in Github but it doesn’t work. If you know of a way to perform the search you are suggesting that would be great.

@EugeneZelenko do you have any more thoughts on this?

@fhahn: Sorry, no.