LLVM's plan for dropping support for legacy non-opaque pointers

Hi! Does anyone know what’s LLVM’s plan and timeline for dropping support for legacy non-opaque pointers? Currently there is a flag -Xclang -no-opaque-pointers to continue using the non-default non-opaque pointers, I wonder for how long can we still use that before it is fully dropped? And in the meanwhile, is the support for that option still as good as before or it is more of “best effort”? Thanks in advance!

See Enabling opaque pointers by default - #40 by nikic

Thanks for the pointer. I understand that the opaque pointers are the default now, and we still have the -opaque-pointers=0 option to use the non-opaque pointer. My question is when will that non-default option for non-opaque pointers be dropped as well?

See Opaque Pointers — LLVM 16.0.0git documentation for the current transition state. Typed pointers are currently still supported on a best-effort basis.

Support for typed pointers will be dropped as soon as we have converted all tests to use opaque pointers. I have been actively working on this recently, so I hope we will reach that point soon™.

Possibly it makes sense to shift our policy towards no longer accepting fixes for typed pointer mode, beyond what is necessary to keep not-yet-migrated tests working.