make check on Darwin - some failed tests.


I started playing with llvm on Darwin.
When I do a "make check" from the llvm root, I am getting these failed tests:
Failing Tests (13):
LLVM :: FrontendC++/2010-04-30-OptimizedMethod-Dbg.cpp
LLVM :: FrontendC++/2010-05-12-PtrToMember-Dbg.cpp
LLVM :: FrontendC/2007-05-16-EmptyStruct.c
LLVM :: FrontendC/2007-10-01-BuildArrayRef.c
LLVM :: FrontendC/2010-08-12-asm-aggr-arg.c
LLVM :: FrontendC/2010-11-16-asmblock.c
LLVM :: FrontendC/2010-12-01-CommonGlobal.c
LLVM :: FrontendC/arrayderef.c
LLVM :: FrontendC/asm-reg-var-local.c
LLVM :: FrontendC/misaligned-param.c
LLVM :: FrontendC/vla-1.c
LLVM :: FrontendC/vla-2.c
LLVM :: FrontendObjC++/

The problem is surely that "make check" is picking llvm-gcc from
/usr/bin/. That llvm-gcc was probably installed by xcode and is not up
to date with the llvm trunk

Now I don't want to compile llvm-gcc myself or overwrite what was
installed by xcode?

How to deal with such situation if I want all tests to pass?
Is there a way to disable the llvm-gcc tests when calling make check?

configuring with "--without-llvmgcc --without-llvmgxx" will keep make check
from picking up your system's or any other llvm-gcc.