MLIR News, 51st edition (19th July 2023)

Welcome to the 51st issue of the MLIR Newsletter covering developments in MLIR, and related projects in the ecosystem. We welcome your contributions (contact: Click here to see previous editions.


  • Vibrant community on mlir channel of LLVM discord server. If you are new to MLIR and having any problems debugging/implementing, our experts are always there to answer your questions in a very polite and friendly way.

  • Open MLIR Meeting 7/13/2023: mlir-query: Tool to query MLIR IR dynamically. slides and recording

  • RFC MLIR Pattern Matching for Library and Acceleration Instruction Rewriting. slides and recording .

  • EuroLLVM 2023 videos are upstream now - check here!

MLIR Commits

MLIR RFC Discussions

  • What is ? polygeist-opt is a pass testing tool, like mlir-opt or llvm's opt, it takes IR and produces IR cgeist is the frontend that takes C++ Discord

  • What does it mean to “jam” a single loop (affine loops) ? GitHub, and an example

  • Having problems ‘memref to llvm’ ? Here is a useful test demonstrates a full “memref to llvm” pipeline - The test.

  • Michele Scuttari in the context of a week-long PhD course created the wikipedia page for mlir, which didn’t exist before. Here’s the link: MLIR (software) - Wikipedia. Renato noted (useful) especially because the previous state was redirect to some music album

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