Mlir subcategories on discourse

@mehdi_amini I find the TCP-WG category hard to find (also the MLIR news category)

It requires going to the top-level LLVM category and then clicking down into it. Is there a way we could “nest it within the MLIR category” so that it is e.g. visible at the top of

Discourse only supports two levels of nesting, because the first one is “llvm project” and the second “mlir” we can’t do better unfortunately.

There are few thread on the support for Discourse and they mentioned the possibility of improving this but it isn’t clear that this feature is in active development.

The possible paths forward seem either:

  • Move MLIR on the side of “LLVM Project” (maybe “wasting” a previous nesting on such category isn’t worth it).
  • Use tags instead of categories: the threads would all be in the “MLIR” category but be tagged appropriately.
  • Wait for Discourse to add this feature
  • Sponsor the feature with Discourse development team ($$)

It was available Enterprise

Seems like we’d get the feature if we were self-hosting?

That sounds like a good approach. Who is the point of contact for making that change? Do we need deeper discussion on llvm-dev?

I asked @meikeb about this in the past: @meikeb what about revisiting the organization of the top level categories? Having a top-level MLIR with sub-categories seems appealing right now. I can even imagine that the “beginner” category could be instead nested under each sub-projects: the community that will help beginner is likely sharded between the subprojects anyway.

Looks like this landed. Thanks!!!