New Library Names (IMPORTANT)

Since I'm trying to get LLVM ready for commercial use, it was prudent to ensure that our library names do not conflict with any others upon installation. So, all the librarys have had two renaming changes made:

1. They are all prefixed with LLVM
2. They use upper and lower case to match the library directory they came from.

In general they should be recognizable to you. For example:

libtarget.a -> libLLVMTarget.a

However, a few of them changed outright to make it consistent:

cwriter.o -> LLVMCBackend.o
profpaths.o -> LLVMProfilePaths.o
Sparcv9Sched.o -> LLVMSparcV9InstrSched.o

The changes have all been made to the necessary makefiles in llvm proper, but not in any of the projects. The adjustment should be pretty straight forward: capitalize first letters and prefix with LLVM.