Office Hour / Helpline for GitHub Pull Requests


I have seen a lot of people in the forum asking questions about GitHub Pull Requests and the migration. Some haven’t worked with PRs before and might need help getting started.

I have been working with Pull Requests and GitHub a long time and have some experience for both reviewing and working to submit patches, so I want to help as best I can. Which is why I am going to hold two “Office Hours / Helplines” next week, one in the EU timezone and the other later to cover NA.

I invite anyone with questions or thoughts to join, but also if you already have experience with GitHub and Pull Requests, because while I have experience I am NOT an expert and more people discussing can only be a good thing.

I don’t represent the LLVM Foundation board or have Admin access to the GitHub repo (so I can’t make changes to the project if needed). We can discuss changes we need and send requests from this meeting if needed.

I am proposing the following slots:

Hope to see many people there to help out and get helped!

I will post links to the video meeting here when I have figured out which technical solution I will use!



Great initiative!
How do we dial in? Will you add details to the LLVM calendar? If I am not mistaken, I don’t see it in the calendar yet.

I haven’t figured out which technical solution to use yet. Probably jitsi or google meet, I’ll get back when I have figured that out!

I am not sure I want to add a on-off to the calendar, it seems to be more for on-going regular office hours.

Just wanted to say that one-offs are totally fine on the calendar - it is meant to show the relevant things going on in the community. And I think your one-off office hours are very relevant :slight_smile:

We could also use the #office-hours channel on Discord for discussions.

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Maybe we should have a new (temporary) GitHub channel on discord for this migration to avoid the discussion ending up everywhere?

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I’ve created the github-pull-requests channel for discussions.

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Thank you for setting up office hour and discussion channel. I think it would be super useful to have some guideline/documentation, even unofficial one, before the office hour, so that people can read them first and be more prepared when participating :slight_smile:

Topics I immediately think of:

This is taken from the pull-request description, so you can review it as part of the code-review.

Someone can confirm llvm-project has the default message set to “Default to pull request title and description” rather than the horrendous “Default message” that is “concatenate all commit messages together in one awful mess”? If so that’s reassuring.




Hello - I am available here for the next 30 minutes if anyone wants to jump in and get some help with GitHub.

I will jump in later tonight as well. See the initial post for time and a timezone converter.

Unfortunately I can’t jump on tonight, due to some family commitments. If there is interest in the US timezones - let me know and I’ll reschedule something for next week.