Official builds without libxml2 and libtinfo?


Apologies if this is an old topic. I’ve been trying to get reproducible builds working without depending on any system libraries. I’d like to use official llvm builds for this purpose, but they seem to depend on shared libraries for libxml2 and libtinfo.*

I believe llvm can be compiled from source without these dependencies. Would it be possible to supply official builds that don’t depend on these libraries, even if they have fewer features? Or, is there a way to avoid these dependencies at runtime?


Yeah they can easily be disabled with a CMake build. But I don't think
it's feasible for release testers to build several different packages
of Clang/LLVM. If you want to have your binaries without these
dependencies I think you'll need to build it yourself, and while this
might seem daunting - it's actually not that bad if you just want a