Open MLIR Meeting 10/28/2021: Discussion about Tiling on Tensors

Tomorrow 10/28 ( (9am California Time, 16:00 UTC) at the MLIR Open Design Meeting, we’ll have a casual discussion with @MaheshRavishankar about their recent exploration on the topic of Representing tiling on tensors + parallelism and the representational challenges associated with this.

As usual the information to join the meeting:
‪+1 218-301-8485‬ PIN: ‪255 745‬#

This thread will also be updated with the recording after the meeting.


I we end up finishing this early, we will also talk about: Changing operation attribute storage - #9 by Mogball

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Here is the recording of the discussion: MLIR Open Meeting 2021-10-28: Discussion on representing tiling on tensors + parallelism - YouTube
We took the entire hour to cover the topic of “tiling on tensors”!