Open MLIR Meeting 2/24/2022: Continuing discussion re ml_program

This Thursday 2/24 (9am California Time, 17:00 UTC) at the MLIR Open Design Meeting, we will be continuing an informal chat around establishing the domain upstream for representing ML programs (see thread) with the purpose of having upstream representations and connection points between ML frontends, compilers and runtimes.

@_sean_silva has volunteered to provide a couple of backstop slides to anchor the conversation based on experience with torch-mlir and as the author of TensorFlow’s saved-model representations in MLIR. We will share the slides before the meeting once ready.

As usual the information to join the meeting:
‪+1 218-301-8485‬ PIN: ‪255 745‬#

This thread will also be updated with the recording after the meeting.


Hey folks, I put together some slides to seed the discussion tomorrow. Everyone should be able to comment, and I’ll try to look at the comments before the discussion tomorrow!

Did we ever get the recording uploaded for this? (I am not sure how to do so)

I uploaded it, I just didn’t publish publicly sorry: I am traveling and didn’t get the time to write a description for it and make sure it was all good. I’ll try to do it this week end as I’ll be home! (ping me otherwise).

Thanks, Mehdi and no worries (actually knowing you have this is the high order bit – I thought this one might have belonged to someone else this time around).

Is there a way to edit the title of this thread? I think it took place on 2/24 instead of 2/17.

The edit button worked for me and I updated.

The recording is online: MLIR Open Meeting 2022-02-24: Discussion on "ML program" dialect proposal - YouTube
Sorry I forgot to update the thread here :slight_smile: