Phabricator bugs w/ the "repository" field when updating patches via web interface


When updating existing patches via the web interface, the "repository" field is behaving spuriously. If the field already is set, when updating a patch, it still shows up as filled in at the last stage of the upload process (where it shows the full form for editing info about the review), but after submitting the updated patch, the field is cleared (which means no premerge checks runs on the update).

Readding the field doesn't retrigger the premerge checks runs (not at least for libcxx), so to get the checks to run, one either has to reupload the patch again, manually setting the repository field on the second upload, or manually editing the review to clear the repository field before uploading, so that one can re-set it on the next patch upload again.

Is anyone else experiencing the same? Is there a fix for Phabricator for keeping the field set while updating patches via the web UI, so that the premerge checks can run properly on updated patches?

// Martin

I recently ran into the same issue and it seems updating patches in the
webinterface doesn't trigger a CI build. At Louis' request I recently
switched to arc. For me arc always triggers the CI build.

Luckily my patch set was a lot smaller than yours.

This seems to be a known issue documented at

    The builds are only triggered if the Revision in Phabricator is
    created/updated via arc diff. If you update a Revision via the Web
    UI it will not trigger a build.


Thanks for the pointer! So it seems like it's a known issue at that level at least, although that just summarizes the symptom - and at least in my experience, it's possible to work around it, clumsily.

If someone with better insights into Phabricator would have time to have a look at the behaviour of the repository field when updating patches via the web interface, we might get closer to a solution though.

// Martin