Phabricator e-mails not threading nicely in Apple Mail

Hi, Chandler. It seems that Phabricator is gaining traction, which is probably a good thing overall. However, the e-mails that go to cfe-commits don't seem to get coalesced by Apple Mail's "Organize by Conversation" feature, even though they have the same subject. Can you/someone add a "References" header that just refers to the initial patch message? I think that would probably do it for us.


Hi Jordan,

I'm working on this - is it all mails or just specific examples? Can
you please point me at one of the example threads so I can resolve
this asap ("it should already work" and all that, so I'll need to
investigate ;).


Quickly scanning over my inbox shows none of them working -- or rather, it's grouping them if they have the same sender, but not otherwise. So for "[PATCH] Add script to update AST matcher reference", I see your e-mails in one group and Dmitri's in another. I'm going to backpedal on what I said previously because I /do/ see "In-reply-to" and "References" fields in both e-mails now (not sure how I missed that, or maybe it's new). So now I'm confused.


I hope it's not trying to do something intelligent with the Thread-index header and failing, or simply choking on the long reply message name. I'll file a bug on our side too and see who figures it out first.


Filed a bug:

Feel free to cc' yourself there :slight_smile: Otherwise I'll keep you posted on
this thread.


So, as fallout from that bug, it's basically that Phab currently has 2
modes for threading topics: Either it always uses Re: or never.

They are going to fix this. Until then, what's our preferred solution?

Always Re: will be slightly confusing when the first review request
already has the "Re:" prefix
Never Re: breaks Apple Mail


Threading is life! :slight_smile: