Phabricator email did not appear in cfe-commits

I submitted a clang patch to Phabricator following . I tagged it “clang” and added subscriber “cfe-commits”.

I got an email “via Phabricator” from, cc cfe-commits, but I have not seen the email from cfe-commits.

The registered email address is the same as subscribed to cfe-commits, llvm-commits and others. I am receiving those email lists.

Is there something else I might have forgotten to do?

In case it’s helpful, the patch is

Many thanks,


You followed all the correct steps. FTR, I did receive the Phab email for that review. It could be that the email system noticed you were both a direct recipient and a list recipient and de-duplicated the email, but I’m unclear how that stuff works.

I will say that I have detected dropped emails in the past. The most recent example was a commit email (not a Phab email) that shows up in the cfe-commits archive but I never received it. makes me wonder how many get dropped and if there’s any way to know.


I think by default Postman does not send you an additional copy of the mail if you’re a recipient otherwise (i.e. in the To: or Cc: list). This can be configured, AFAIK, on the admin panel.

You can, in addition, turn on or off whether you want a copy from the mailing list delivered to you if you are the sender of the mail.

Robinson, Paul via cfe-dev <> ezt írta (időpont: 2020. márc. 31., K, 14:44):

Thank you both. Yes, I had the dedupe option on.