Question for users of the CMake build system:

Do you use the LLVM_INCLUDE_TESTS setting? If so, what for?

It is documented to preclude the inclusion unittests in the build.

What it actually does in preclude all LLVM testing (unit and regression), but only unittests for Clang. The Clang regression tests continue to be built and run.

My preference is simply to remove it if none have an important use case. If they do, I would like to understand it and come up with some sane and consistent semantic model to support it.


We use CMake but don't use that setting.



I believe this was added because the unit tests used to clutter up the
IDE because there were so many. But now they are in folders so it
doesn't matter for VS, it may still matter for XCode. I vote to remove
it if no one is using it. If we actually do have a usecase for it it
definitely needs to be cleaned up.

- Michael Spencer

What James said.