Reporting phabricator spam

Anything I should be doing to report this sort of thing, like βš™ D113352 [clang] Run LLVM Verifier in modes without CodeGen too

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I’ve seen it on two reviews I’m subscribed to (βš™ D113355 [llvm-libtool-darwin][NFC] Remove unnecessary abbreviations is one of them). It’s the same user in both cases and in @dblaikie’s.

@mehdi_amini has been looking into this before, including removing some auth providers. Not sure if there is much more we can do?

That user has two other comment spam in their history: β™Ÿ toddcarmay

I would suggest perhaps dealing with the account directly.

Thanks for reporting, I’ve disabled the user and deleted all the comments.

Another spam account: :chess_pawn: ibuygreat (

and another: β™Ÿ galapoz1996