RISC-V LLVM sync-up call 16th March 2023 (note daylight savings impact!)

Note: The US has entered daylight savings but not Europe. The meeting time is set from UK time, so if you’re in the US the meeting time will be an hour later than usual for you (if you added the calendar, it should show the right time). We’ll be back to normal for the next meeting, when Europe enters daylight savings time too.

For background on these calls, see here.

Reminder: the purpose is to coordinate between active contributors. If you have support questions etc then it’s best to post to LLVM’s Discourse or Discord.

We have a call every alternate Thursday at 4pm GMT If you have topics to discuss, please email me ahead of time or add to the agenda.

Attendees are required to adhere to the LLVM Code of Conduct For any Code of Conduct reports, please contact me, and also email conduct@llvm.org.

Dial-in details:

We have a shared calendar that may help in keeping track, which is
accessible through:

Agenda (copied from the linked doc - if you have additional items please add them):

  • LLVM 16.0.1 - anything we should aim to backport?
  • Fix for #61412? (2f5fe16 is now in HEAD)
  • Thoughts on objdump related fixes?
  • SiFive VCIX vendor extension support. D144530
  • Report back from discussion about extension versioning (see Philip’s write-up) - check for consensus in this group.
  • Llvm-objdump related fixes - mainly D146070 and D146114 remaining
  • Shadow call-stack’s use of x18 - would another register be better?
  • PSA: Mapping symbols now landed in the psABI, so D137417 is ready for full review
  • PSA: libc, bolt RISC-V ports
  • AOB
  • Next meeting: 30th March, 4pm BST (i.e., no longer GMT)