RISC-V LLVM sync-up call 8th December 2022

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Agenda (Note: incomplete - will do another pass on it shortly):

Hi Alex,

In previous RVV intrinsic open meetings, we had a conclusion that it is up to the LLVM communities to help users of the existing intrinsics to transit to the v1.0 version. Back in our previous discussion in the LLVM RISC-V sync-up, we stopped at dwelling on the implementation difficulty of supporting multiple versions to allow a transition period and deprecating them in the future, and did not come to a conclusion on this topic.

The proposals that would break compatibility is distributed across the meeting minutes of the RVV intrinsics, but has not yet formed into a public PR in the intrinsic specification with a POC in the LLVM compiler. Users of existing intrinsics, like Rich has expressed in the rvv-intrinsics mailing list [0], still has remaining interests to the current intrinsics, so I think its a topic that should be mentioned across this RISC-V LLVM community. If people are interested and there is remaining time at the end of the meeting, I would be happy to discuss on this topic.

[0] https://lists.riscv.org/g/tech-rvv-intrinsics/messages


eop Chen

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Thanks eop - I’ve added it to the agenda (along with a couple of other things).