Roundtable at the Dev Meeting in San Jose

Hello all,

I have filled out a form for an llvm-libc roundtable at the dev
meeting to be held later this month in San Jose. From my side, the
hope is to get all interested parties together and learn what they
want out of this project. I have showcased some of the ideas in a
patch already and have got very good feedback. I am hoping that the
roundtable meeting will help with future designs and improve/evolve
the existing code.

If others have any specific points they would like to discuss or get
answers for, please reply to this thread. I will collect them all on
the day before the roundtable and we will try to discuss them during
the roundtable.

Outside of the roundtable, I will be present on both the days (but
cannot stay for the reception). So, glad to meet and discuss any

Siva Chandra

The timeslot we have been allotted is Tuesday, Oct 22, 11:30-12:40.
See you all over there.