Shutting down buildbot worker mlir-nvidia

Hey folks,

I’m shutting down the mlir-buildbot worker. This has been unmaintained for a while and is causing issues. If anyone wants to pick that up, all the configs are in the zorg repository.


What kind of issues are there?
This is my primary go-to to track breakage to MLIR right now, and I don’t think we have alternative coverage.

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This is pretty much the only bot that covers MLIR. It’s on an LTS version so no major maintenance is expected. Is it the cmake version issue?

I suppose there are people like @jpienaar or myself who have access to the gcloud internals who can do the updates.

I actually don’t have access AFAIK and also first I’ve heard of issues, and definitely don’t want to lose this coverage.

It wasn’t clear to me, but this was effective immediately. So we already lost this previous coverage right now.
I regret that Google couldn’t handle this more gracefully here with some heads-up :frowning:

A couple of folks emailed me that the buildbot needed changes to unblock their work. I wasn’t able to find anyone to fix or maintain it so I decided to shut it down to not block folks.

As I wrote above: If you want to take it over, all the configs are in the zorg repo.

It would be helpful to know what changes were needed specifically.

At least one case was bumping python dependencies: ⚙ D150245 Bump pybind11 version for mlir-nvidia

Oh we had a fix for this that is independent of the bot: ⚙ D117702 Install MLIR Python requirements on buildbot workers ; just never finished/landed it (@ftynse I don’t know if you’d manage to?)

I’m happy to get this across the finish line in order to get mlir-python builders back. Is there a brief description somewhere for how to test this code locally?

The bot is back! Buildbot :slight_smile: