Speakers for Community.o workshop - can you help?

Hello all!

I am organizing a 1/2 day Community.o workshop for November 7th. Over the years, I have had a variety of speakers talking about things such as Compassionate Coding, Imposter Syndrome, and technical speaking skills.

I would love some help in finding speakers of this event. I am looking for speakers on topics such as mentorship, career growth through open source, D&I in open source, community building, etc. Maybe you have a topic and speaker you think would also be a great idea. You can even nominate yourself and share your story and journey as a minority in tech and pass on advice to others.

The LLVM Foundation has funds budgeted to compensate speakers.

Please send your ideas my way! Thanks!

I also am interested in session ideas and interest to lead them from community members who have ideas to improve D&I and grow community within the LLVM project.