Subversion Conversion: June 5th, 2007

All LLVM Developers:

This is your notice that the LLVM project is converting from CVS to
Subversion for its software repository. The conversion will happen on
June 5th, 2007 unless otherwise notified. Please see for full details.

We had hoped to have the conversion done by now, but a number of factors
made it prudent for us to delay for a few more weeks. There is a lot
happening with LLVM in the next few weeks (release 2.0, Developers'
Meeting) and the people doing the conversion had schedule conflicts,

On the up side, we're giving you plenty of time to prepare for the
conversion. Please see for details on
how this change could impact you, how you can try out a test copy of the
Subversion repository now, etc.

If there are questions about this migration, please direct them to the
LLVM Oversight Group (