Subversion Migration Completed

Dear LLVMers,

The first phase of the Subversion conversion is complete. The CVS
repository will no longer be available. You will now need to use the
SVN server.

Directions for getting LLVM from the SVN server can be found in the new
Getting Started Guide ( If
you run a nightly tester, you should update your LLVM tree from SVN to
get the new NewNightlyTester script.

There are a few minor features that are still missing. I believe we
still need to redirect cvsweb to use viewvcs. We also do not have the
URL re-writing rules in places for to redirect to
the latest documentation stored in the SVN repository. We'll try to get
those as soon as we can.

If you encounter problems, please email the llvmdev list with details.

Thanks for your patience; hopefully everything works okay over the weekend.


John Criswell

Can't check out:

svn co llvm
svn: URL '’ doesn't exist

Apparently, the Getting Started guide is wrong:

svn co llvm
A llvm/test
A llvm/test/Archive
A llvm/test/Archive/extract_xpg4.ll


And wasn't the llvm-gcc sources supposed to be there as well?


Hello, Bill

And wasn't the llvm-gcc sources supposed to be there as well?

Not yet. I think this should be the second stage.

Ah! Okay. :slight_smile:


David Greene wrote:

Fixed. Thanks for noticing this.

-- John T.

OK. Whenever it happens, please use gcc-version number in name.
For example,