What happened to the proposed Code of Conduct?


It's been 5 months since the last update I've seen on the proposed Code of Conduct. What is the current status of this?

I'd really like to see the Code of Conduct committed. Last I recall, we still had some serious concerns and ongoing discussion about the Reporting Policy - I think you had a new draft to send out? - but the CoC had gotten pretty wide agreement. Can we separate those two so that we can get the Code of Conduct in place?


This actually was discussed at EuroLLVM.

Several other things were occupying my time that have in the last month cleared out, and I’m expecting to have an update to the CoC stuff in the next few weeks. It hasn’t been forgotten though. =]

Great, glad to hear there’s an update on the way. Is there anything I can assist with?


You’ve already helped a lot, I think I have what I need to get an update in place, and then there will be more things that folks can take and run with.