Zurich LLVM Social - January 14, 2016 - ETH

Dear all,

we are organizing a "Zurich LLVM Social" on January 14 - 19:00 at ETH and invite interested people to attend.

# Registration (to facilitate planning):


# What is it:

The Zurich LLVM Social is an informal meeting to discuss compilation and code generation issues with a focus on LLVM and related projects (clang, Polly, lldb, ...)

Our primary focus is to provide a venue (and drinks & snacks) that enables free discussions between interested people without imposing
an agenda/program.

Related technical presentations held by participants are welcomed (please contact us).

# Who is invited:

Anybody interested in LLVM - No ETH affiliation required

# When

Time: 19:00

The building closes at 19:00. If you are late, you need to call us
to be let in (we send out the number before the meeting).

Subsequent meetings will take place every 2nd Thursday of a month.

# Where

Systems Group Meeting Room - CAB E 72

We suggest to enter the building through the right side-entry of the
CAB building (marked in the map below), which leads almost directly to the room E72.

Map: Google Maps
Floorplan: http://www.rauminfo.ethz.ch/Rauminfo/grundrissplan.gif?region=Z&areal=Z&gebaeude=CAB&geschoss=E&raumNr=72

See you soon,
Greg, Kevin, Lucas, Tobias, Timo

Reminder: The Zurich LLVM Social will take place this Thursday.

As part of our social, Thomas Wuerthinger will present recent work on combining LLVM and the Graal VM.