[Ask LLVM] Who's Hiring? (Jan '23)

Hi folks,
It’s with a heavy heart that come asking for help from the LLVM community. A few of my colleagues working on LLVM were let go during a recent round of layoffs, and I could use assistance helping ensure folks land on their feet.

If you or your company are hiring folks with LLVM or compiler expertise, mind posting more info below (or getting in touch with me privately)?

If you’re a colleague of mine, please consider reaching out internally or privately on how you can help.

If you were affected by the recent actions, please do not hesitate to ask for help, here or anywhere. Please know you’re not alone and people want to assist. We do have the Bay Area monthly meetup Monday night in Mountain View. I’m always available to chat, supply formal recommendations, refer/network, and will even buy the beers. It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this.



Thanks for the post. I understand this is a rough time for many.

I can attest that our opening at Igalia for many positions (including work in LLVM) are still open. For LLVM related see Remote Compiler Engineer at Igalia but also (if you used to do LLVM but want a change of scenery) in general: https://www.igalia.com/jobs/

Good luck.



Very sorry to hear about the layoffs, I know its a tough climate at the moment.

We at Embecosm are hiring LLVM experience at the moment (especially in the area of embedded systems/backend work for C/Rust and have the right to work in the EU/UK), more details are on our careers page - Careers – Embecosm

I hope everyone lands on their feet soon.


Hi everyone,

At Access Softek Toolchains we are also looking for LLVM/compiler engineers, so please feel free to ping me or drop us a message via email. Also, here are more details about our open positions: https://www.softek-toolchains.com/careers


We (LLNL) have different positions for compiler people available. Some more research-y some more development and deployment, all fun. The postings are underway, feel free to contact me in the meantime directly.


I’m so sorry to hear this.

At the last LLVM Dev Mtg, we had job postings on our event site.


If you’re excited to work on LLDB, our team is hiring too: Debugger Engineer - Careers at Apple



For folks interested in library development, we also have a position open for working on libc++: Senior C++ Standard Library Engineer - Careers at Apple. We are doing a lot of feature work and also QoI work related to improving the safety and the portability of the library – there’s a lot of interesting stuff going on and there is also room to do Clang frontend work as part of this position.

Best wishes to everyone impacted by the layoffs,


I’m currently hiring for a few compiler positions primarily in Tokyo (with relocation for those outside of Japan), but also London / Bay Area:

The team is responsible for the toolchain used for vehicles, so our larger focus is correctness and quality of the toolchain and the code compiled by the toolchain. We’ve got a variety of positions to improve safety and code quality, find and address anti-patterns in code, etc. We also care about performance and code size, programming languages, and more.

Please reach out to me privately if you want to chat before applying llvm at jfbastien dot com.


NVIDIA wants to hire LLVM compiler engineers.

Please search Jobs at NVIDIA | NVIDIA Careers


Arm always has positions open for LLVM compiler engineers. At the moment, there are more than a dozen open positions for LLVM compiler engineers, see https://careers.arm.com/search-jobs/llvm.


We currently have a compiler engineer position open at Unity: Unity hiring: Senior Software Engineer @ Copenhagen, Denmark


At Imagation, we currently have a position for a senior LLVM compiler engineer:
Senior LLVM GPU Compiler Engineer


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Azul is hiring LLVM compiler engineers to work on Falcon JIT compiler for Java.

E.g. Azul Careers - Senior Compiler Engineer (this position is listed for Bangalore, India but we are hiring virtually anywhere).


Qualcomm is looking for engineers to work on improving the LLVM binutils (Linker, assembler, profiler, ELF tools). If you are interested please reach out to me. Let me know if you are interested.


Rivos is hiring LLVM folks for a number of roles.

We’ve got job listings here:
Rivos - Software LLVM Compiler - Full-time (US roles)
Rivos - Software LLVM Compiler - Full-time (UK roles)

We’re remote friendly, but also have a number of offices we’re happy to hire into. The listings above are UK/US, but if you’re in another locale, reach out. We have a couple other offices, and a bunch of folks scattered in random locations.

The vast majority of our toolchain work is done in the open, and upstream contribution is strongly encouraged.

We are particularly interested in folks with llvm/gcc backend experience, linker, and/or cuda/opencl/related toolchains. We’ve got a bunch of early/mid career positions open, and are particular interested in folks for those roles.

Feel free to reach out directly to me if you want to chat.

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I wanted to refresh the post from @tgjones above ([Ask LLVM] Who's Hiring? (Jan '23) - #13 by tgjones).

Due to some shenanigans with our public job board, the link for our Burst position has changed. The new link is:

We’re looking for two senior software engineers to work on Burst at Unity. Let me know if you want to learn more!

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GrAI Matter Labs is currently hiring (MLIR) compiler engineers. Our team develops the MLIR based ML compiler for our own neuromorphic/dataflow architecture.

You can find our job listings here: Careers | GrAI Matter Labs (based in the Netherlands).