Board Meeting Minutes - December 2023

The December 2023 board meeting minutes can be found here.

The contents of the PDF are included here also:

Date: December 8, 2023
Time: 9AM pacific time
Location: Video conferencing, multiple locations

Attendees: Tanya, Wei, Anton, Reid, Chris L, Kristof, Chris B, Kit, Mike


  • Approve November 3, 2023 meeting minutes

    • Minutes approved by Tanya, Wei, Anton, Reid, Chris L, Kristof, Chris B and Kit
  • Updated Sponsorship Doc Approval

    • LLVM Foundation - Sponsorship Doc
    • Sponsorship document has been updated with:
      • More recent information and wording updates
      • Change the number of LLVM Dev conference tickets for the corporate supporter to one.
      • Vote: on the changes to the sponsorship doc: Approved by Tanya, Wei, Anton Reid, Chris L, Kristof, Chris B, Kit
  • Board Meeting Schedule for 2024

  • Discourse traffic limits

    • Discourse has reported we have a high volume of crawler traffic (more than user traffic); this situation has been occurring for several months
    • Discourse is requesting that we increase our plan to account for this crawler traffic.
    • We do not have any tools to track traffic in real-time; only able to generate reports after the fact.
    • Some bots/crawlers have been banned and others have been slowed down (by LLVM discourse admins)
  • Next Meeting: February 2, 2024, with 2024 budget sent before that for people to review.

    • Goal of meeting to review questions and approve budget
    • Will switch to Zoom for meetings in 2024.
  • Review and approve minutes (time permitting) [Everyone]