Board Meeting Minutes - April 2023

The April 2023 board meeting minutes can be found here

The contents of the PDF are included here also:

Board Meeting Minutes

Date: April 7, 2023

Time: 9AM pacific time

Location: Video conferencing, multiple locations

Attendees: Anton, Chris B, Chris L, Reid, Tanya, Wei, Mike, Kristof


  • Approve March 3, 2023 meeting minutes
    • Everyone present approved.
  • Follow-up from previous meeting
    • LLVM Meetup Funding (Kit): no updates
  • Dev Mtg Updates
    • EuroLLVM 2023
      • 146 registrations so far; early bird registration deadline coming Monday.
      • 62 accepted submissions accepted. We have 2 days of 2 tracks, so we could accept all good submissions.
    • Student Tickets
      • We had more student requests for free tickets than in the past.
      • It looks like we may have some spots for free student tickets. We’ll ask for some volunteering at the event in return for a free student ticket.
    • US 2023
      • 2 great locations, need to select one.
  • Employee Benefits
    • Working with Virtual to help the foundation hire employees.
    • Vote for what percentage of benefits the foundation will cover for employees. 100% coverage for employees; 70% for dependents.
      • Chris L and Tanya abstain.
      • The other board members voted unanimously in favor.
  • Phabricator/GitHub PR
    • Discussed the planned switch from Phabricator to github PR code review date of early November.
    • Discussed Phabricator’s instance at maintenance until early November and who are the new point of contacts.
  • CI Infrastructure
    • There was a discussion about the long-term future of LLVM CI and if and how it would be helpful if the Foundation would get involved more.
  • License covering LLVM’s code-of-conduct text.
    • The board voted a while ago that the code-of-conduct text should be under the CC-BY license.
    • TODO: Kristof will create the PR to document that the code-of-conduct text is under the CC-BY license.
  • GSoC update
    • 54 proposals; largest number ever.
    • Some students submitted multiple proposals.
    • This year, rules on who can contribute has changed a bit: either a student or a newcomer to open source.
    • Ranking needs to be done by April 21st.
  • Outreachy applicants are required to make contributions to a project early on. As a result we had multiple candidates working on the same issue who each wanted to get the recognition as their solution landing, rather than working together to achieve the best solution for the project.
    • We should think if we could take some action to improve this situation for the next Outreachy round.
    • It would be good if for the next contribution window, we are better prepared. For example by having a few volunteers to support these candidates in the early steps navigating the community channels, culture, code base and best practices.
    • TODO: possibly do a round-table at EuroLLVM
    • TODO: take action a bit before the next contribution window in the fall to make the process smoother.
  • Password and credential sharing solution
    • Tom proposed two solutions:
    • Bitwarden $3/user/month
    • Passwordstore: private github repo with encrypted passwords
    • This is for passwords for infrastructure accounts, such as e.g. github bot accounts.
    • Can we cut down on the number of places where passwords are needed? E.g. wouldn’t it be possible to have no need for github administration.
    • There are a number of other services for which we’ll need to reliably share logins and passwords. Some examples:
      • Twitter
      • Bugzilla MySQL admin
    • A requirement for a solution we need is to be able to specify clearly who has access to which password.
    • TODO: Reid is going to work with Tom to experiment with Passwordstore to see if it is a suitable solution.
    • TODO: Get passwords and find out who needs access to which passwords for which accounts.
  • Next scheduled meeting on May of 5th will be canceled
  • We’ll reschedule the 2nd of June meeting to the 26th of May.