Board Meeting Minutes - May 2023

The May 2023 board meeting minutes can be found here

The contents of the PDF are included here also:

Board Meeting Minutes
Date: May 26, 2023
Time: 9:30AM pacific time
Location: Video conferencing, multiple locations
Attendees: Reid, Chris B, Kristof, Wei, Chris L, Tanya, Mike, Anton, Kit


  • Approve April 7, 2023 Meeting Minutes
    • Approved by Reid, Chris B, Kristof, Wei, Chris L, Tanya, Mike, Anton; Kit abstained
  • Follow-up from previous meeting
  • EuroLLVM Wrap-up
    • 223 registered, 221 attended. Capacity maximum was 300.
    • Positive feedback from attendees
    • Estimated 40-50% of attendees were new (based on informal survey)
    • Initial breakdown of ticket sales: 32 students; 51 speakers, 30 academic/non-profit, 93 corporate, remainder sponsor tickets.
  • US LLVM Dev Mtg
    • Signed contract with Marriott in Santa Clara
    • Sent save-the-date to discourse
    • Working on logistics to get everything else running
    • Subproject Workshops, held in conjunction with LLVM Dev:
      • The Foundation has an interest in maintaining an open and inclusive conference and promoting cross-pollination between LLVM subprojects.
      • Workshops limited to subprojects (MLIR, Clang, C++, etc) are encouraged as long as they don’t conflict with the main event, and are a good way to batch travel
      • Need to establish:
        • A definition of what a “workshop” would be
        • How subprojects can apply to run a workshop
      • Need to announce the workshop format on Discourse and gauge interest from subprojects
    • Tanya will be requesting for volunteers from the community to help with assessing student travel grants for the dev meeting
  • PyPi
    • Request to create an Organization account for LLVM for PyPi
    • All board members agree we should create this account.
  • GSoC results and supporting projects outside GSoC
    • Mentors selected 28 projects out of 54 proposals;
    • Google requested our projects to be sorted, and only the top 22 proposals were selected.
    • Request for the foundation to fund an additional two projects, above what GSoC is funding.
      • Decision is to decline the current request and investigate the ability to establish a mentorship/grant program in the future.
  • Phabricator pre-merge testing
    • Google wants to transfer the pre-merge testing bots over to the LLVM Foundation GCP project.
    • Reid will follow-up offline with Anton about getting access to GCP project
  • Community decision making/consensus/steering issues
    • One idea is to set up code-owners forum where board members and code owners can get together and discuss. This will provide a forum to get feedback from community leaders on how we decide to do things.
    • Chris B offered to start a document to collect problems we are trying to solve, ideas on how to solve them, etc.
    • The board decided we need a separate meeting to discuss more. Kit will set up a meeting on June 16 @ 9:30PDT for the board to discuss further.
  • Next Meeting: Tanya will set up Doodle poll to determine between: June 30, July 7, July 14.