Board Meeting Minutes - July 2023

I’ve fell behind over the summer posting meeting minutes. I apologize to those that read them.

The July 2023 board meeting minutes can be found here

The contents of the PDF are included here also:

Board Meeting Minutes
Date: July 14, 2023
Time: 9AM pacific time
Location: Video conferencing, multiple locations
Attendees: Mike, Chris L, Chris B, Reid, Anton, Tanya, Kit


  • Approve May 26, 2023 Meeting Minutes

    • Approved by Mike, Chris L, Chris B, Reid, Anton, Tanya, Kit
  • Follow-up from previous meeting

    • LLVM Organization account for PyPi
      • Account created and Tom Stellard has been added to the account.
  • Student Travel Grant Updates

    • Problems with money transfers to students in India. It seems to be related to reason code, but banks are not communicating the proper codes to use.
    • Need to find an alternative method to reimburse students for travel grants.
  • US LLVM Dev Mtg Updates

    • Pre-Con Workshops
      • Call for pre-conference workshops went out.
      • Tentatively planning five half-day workshops and one full-day workshop
    • Ticket Prices
      • Workshop add-on cost will be small; workshop-only tickets will be higher. Final details of ticket prices still being worked out.
      • The goal is to make workshops accessible, but also encourage participation in the LLVM Developers’ Meeting. Workshop space is lower cost due to hosting a large event and there is great value in bringing all subprojects together.
  • Legal Questions Update

    • Three legal questions have come in recently to the board:
      • Use of ICU in LLVM
        • The board agrees that we do not want to introduce any new licenses into LLVM; adding a dynamic dependency that can be checked by CMake seems like a reasonable solution.
      • Can we accept contributions from Russian citizens?
        • Potential legal concern is for exports; in this case it is not an issue.
      • Questions about copyright notices in llvm-project
  • Move to Virtual - Update

    • Job Posting
      • Almost complete and ready to post. Hopefully it will be posted by mid-August.
      • Goal is to hire Program Director, before end of year
      • Looking at hiring a Communications Manager and Infrastructure Director later.
    • Accounts payable/receivable
      • In the process of migrating from Xero to QuickBooks
  • Code of Conduct Updates

    • Code of Conduct Committee will meet next week
  • Phabricator/GitHub PR

    • Tentative schedule for migration to GitHub PRs was posted on discourse for discussion
      • Make PRs available for entire llvm-project on Sep 1, 2023, and list it as the recommended code review tool
      • On October 1, 2023, make phabricator read-only.
    • We will work on enabling PRs for LLDB sub-project next and gain feedback from them
    • Board needs to ensure communication for this migration
      • Frequent reminders and discussion to ensure no one is caught off guard
      • Tanya will create another announcement for this, along with an FAQ of common questions
    • Questions:
      • Can we prevent creating new accounts on Phabricator as a way to encourage people to move to PRs?
      • Can we make Phabricator read-only?
  • Discord

    • Want to encourage the community to use Discord for instant messaging.
    • We should add Discord to the developer policy to make it clear it is the official tool to use.
    • Remaining TODOs
      • Add Discord to the developer policy
      • Update documentation on and GitHub
      • Draft communication to the community
  • Google GCP credit expiration

    • Reid confirmed that Google is working on providing credits for the new year.
    • Google is committed to either finding the credits, or turning down the premerge tests within the month.
    • The Foundation is willing to cover up to a month of premerge test expenses to ensure continuity.