Board Meeting Minutes - April 2022

The LLVM Foundation Board meeting minutes for April 2022 have been posted:

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Board Meeting Minutes

Date: April 1, 2022
Time: 9AM pacific time
Location: Video conferencing, multiple locations

Attendees: Tom, Hal, Kit, Kristof, Mike, Tanya, Anton, Chris

  • Vote to Approve March Minutes:
    • Approved
    • Yes: Tom, Hal, Kit, Mike, Tanya, Anton, Chris
    • Absent: Cyndy
    • Abstain: Kristof
  • Code of conduct next steps
    • Finalizing the overall process and updating the web page.
    • Discussed insurance coverage for CoC committee and release managers.
    • Board reviewed and approved email to the community regarding Code of Conduct updates.
  • Current CoC reports
    • Discussed the process of handling them.
  • Safety policy changes
    • We need to make updates to our terms of services to include a safety policy.
    • We need to discuss new language with our lawyer.
  • EuroLLVM
    • Developer travel grants
      • We will start advertising the fact that we have a budget for travel grants for speakers.
    • Contract for the venue has been signed.
    • Costs higher than expected.
    • Event cost is $1000 per person. (Last US dev meeting was $650 per person).
    • Ticket cost:
      • $500 Corporate
      • $250 Supporter
      • $100 Individual
      • $75 Student
    • Starting to look for 2023 Venues.
  • US LLVM Dev Mtg
    • We have a contract for Nov 7 - 9 (Nov 7 setup, Nov 8-9 conference) in San Jose Hayes Mansion.
    • Maximum 350? people.
    • New ideas:
      • Vendor booths
      • Work with other projects to coordinate with our event and have workshops.
    • Starting to look for 2023 Venues.
  • Discourse retrospective
    • We have begun to write a response.
  • Phabricator Spam
    • There continues to be problems with Spam accounts on Phabricator.
    • We need a better solution to prevent the accounts and then we need to go in and delete existing Spam accounts.
  • GitHub PR/Phab discussion
    • We discussed this briefly and will focus on this more once the Discourse retrospective is complete.
  • LLVM relicensing potential next steps/end game.
    • We received a lot of responses and new agreements after the last Dev Meeting, but responses have decreased.
    • Discussed next steps and how to deal with code not currently covered by a re-licensing agreement.
  • Office hours and community calendar status update
    • Looking at calendar solutions:

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