Board Meeting Minutes - August 2023

The August 2023 board meeting minutes can be found here.

The contents of the PDF are included here also:

Board Meeting Minutes
Date: August 4, 2023
Time: 9AM pacific time
Location: Video conferencing, multiple locations
Attendees: Kristof, Tanya, Wei, Chris B, Mike, Anton, Kit, Chris L,


  • Approve July 14, 2023 meeting minutes
    • Approved by Kristof, Tanya, Wei, Chris B, Mike, Anton and Kit
    • Chris L abstained
  • Follow-up from previous meeting
    • Student Travel Grants
      • All wire transfers that were missing have been refunded
      • Two students that have not received their reimbursement - still working on a solution.
    • Discord
      • No updates
  • Officer Elections
    • Bylaws require us to formally elect officers every year
    • VOTE: Re-elect Tanya for President,
      • Approved by everyone but Tanya (abstain) and Reid (absent)
    • VOTE: Mike for Treasurer
      • Approved by everyone but Mike (abstain) and Reid (absent)
    • VOTE: Kit for Secretary
      • Approved by everyone but Kit (abstained) and Reid (absent)
  • US Dev Meeting Updates [Tanya]
    • Call for participation closing Aug 4
    • Have 3 rooms, so have space for a lot of talks (final numbers TBD)
    • Brainstorming topics for invited talks/speakers to expand content of talks
      • Could we do a discourse survey to collect topics for invited talks of interest?
    • Registration is opening next week
    • Approve ticket prices
      • Main Conference:
        • Corporate: $900 early registration, $1100 late registration
        • Non-profit: $600 early registration, $800 late registration
        • Student: $ early registration, $ late registration
      • Workshops (Full Day)
        • Corporate: $150 with Dev Meeting; $300 without Dev Meeting
        • Non-profit: $125 with Dev Meeting, $250 without Dev Meeting
        • Student:$75 with Dev Meeting; $100 without Dev Meeting
      • Workshops (Half Day)
        • Corporate: $75 with Dev Meeting; $125 without Dev Meeting
        • Non-profit: $65 with Dev Meeting; $115 without Dev Meeting
        • Student: $50 with Dev Meeting; $75 without Dev Meeting
      • NOTE: Mike dropped part way through this discussion
      • VOTE: Approve Ticket Prices:
        • Approve: Kristof, Tanya, Wei, Chris B, Anton, Kit, Chris L
        • Absent: Mike, Reid
  • EuroLLVM Venue Update
    • Current short list of venues: Berlin, Lisbon, Vienna
    • No strong preference from board members of which of these to focus on
  • Virtual Update [Tanya]
    • Job Posting Status
      • Job posting for Program Director went out last week; most applicants were in timezones that will be difficult to work with;
      • Application criteria has been clarified and reposted
        • Smaller number of applicants that are currently being reviewed
    • Next step would be job posting for Infrastructure Director
      • Goal would be to have posting for end of year
  • Budget Addition
    • Employee Education/Conferences
      • Add item to budget for foundation employees to attend conferences and other educational events (e.g., Grace Hopper)
      • Suggestion: Separate budget pools for travel and education/events
  • Phabricator/Github PR
    • Need to draft communication announcement
    • Tanya to sync with Reid on some of these items
  • Clang-development request
    • The foundation has received requests from people about sponsoring the foundation in return for development work
    • We need to make it clear on our public documentation that this is not something the foundation is able to do
  • Technical Governance [ChrisB]
    • Chris B is working on a proposal for what a technical governance would look like for our community
      • Chris B has submitted a proposal for talk to the dev forum
    • Chris B will send his draft proposal to everyone for comments
    • NOTE: Chris L dropped part way through this discussion
  • Will move next meeting to September 8, 2023