Board Meeting Minutes - September 2023

The September 2023 Board Meeting minutes can be found here.

The contents of the PDF are include here also:

Board Meeting Minutes
Date: September 8, 2023
Time: 9AM pacific time
Location: Video conferencing, multiple locations
Attendees: Chris B, Chris L, Kristof, Wei, Anton, Tanya, Reid, Kit


  • Approve August 4, 2023 meeting minutes
    • Approved by Chris B, Chris L, Kristof, Wei, Anton, Tanya, Reid, and Kit
  • Follow-up from previous meeting
  • GSoC update [Anton]
    • Allocated 22 slots (less than anticipated)
    • Some confusion around mentors because of changes in the GSoC process - something that can be improved for next year
    • 16 projects out of 22 have currently completed
      • Asking completed projects to write a report/blog summarizing the project - Ongoing
      • 2 projects did not complete
      • 4 other projects have extended deadlines
      • 2 project mentors did not deliver final requirements, which block the completion from Google
    • For next year, we should consider the following changes for next year:
      • Each project have at least two mentors
      • Provide better guidance to mentors on what to do if they cannot complete the requirements for project completion
  • Sponsorship Doc update and approval:
    • LLVM Foundation - Sponsorship Doc
    • General agreement that we need to revisit the sponsorship document and our sponsorship tiers.
    • Sponsorship document is versioned and time stamped, so sponsors will know exactly the version they are using for a given sponsorship cycle
    • Could we use GitHub Sponsors for the individual sponsors category?
    • TODO: Review new sponsorship doc and provide feedback on wording and content. Deadline: Fri, Sep 15
  • Tanya’s Benefits approval
    • Suggestion is to determine the proposal for employees we are looking to hire and then the board can determine whether to a
    • TODO: We need to set up a regular salary review for Tanya; Kit and Mike can organize this
      • Could we include parameters to ensure a minimum/expected raise on a yearly basis, if they meet/exceed expectations?
  • LLVM Dev Mtg Updates
    • Current (Sept 8) Registration is at 205 out of 450 (max capacity)
    • Early bird extended to September 15, 2023
    • Reception will be at hotel restaurant and outdoor patio
    • Official schedule will be coming out next week
  • Student travel grant update
    • 35 applicants
      • Awarded 14 travel grants so far (~$32k), all to speakers
      • Have 4 remaining speakers to fund
    • Need a better system for getting feedback on travel grants
    • Could we have a student get together with the foundation and students at the dev meeting?
  • Update on GitHub Pull Request migration
    • Seems to be going well. We should plan a thank-you for all the extra volunteer work this entailed, especially to Tom
    • Tom Stellard is changing the notification system from CODEOWNERS and teams to a workflow
    • A banner was added to Phab regarding the switch to GitHub PRs, and is optimistic that new diff uploads can be disabled
    • There was a request on (Discourse) that we push back the readonly date past Oct 1. Reid is in favor of reinterpreting “readonly” to mean “prevent the creation of new differentials”, and Fangrui wants to implement this.
    • Question: If we push back the full readonly date, what should it be?
      • We could use metrics to set the readonly date. How many reviews still have activity? We will go readonly 30 days after we reach a certain threshold.
      • Will communicate that we are not going to support ongoing year+ long code reviews, and we encourage folks to follow incremental development practices or accept the loss of review continuity when transferring to PRs
      • Reid will discuss with Fangrui to get feedback on Nov 15 - Dec 1 read-only date
    • We should publicize the pull request migration. Write a blog post, post it on social media, etc.
    • Another concern is, how to make sure you’ve contacted everyone from the old review thread. Is there a mapping from Phab username to github user id? Phab must have an internal email to username mapping.
      • There are options: use git to look up emails, use Phabricator emails to look up emails.
  • Next board meeting on October 6, 2023.