Board Meeting Minutes - March 2023

The March 2023 board meeting minutes can be found here: here

The contents of the PDF are included here also:

Board Meeting Minutes

Date: March 3, 2023

Time: 9AM pacific time

Location: Video conferencing, multiple locations

Attendees: Anton, Reid, Kristof, Wei, Chris L, Chris B, Tanya, Mike, Kit


  • Follow-up from previous meeting
    • Discord -
      • Bot to grant access has been disabled, so people can instantly get access to Discord. Will wait and see if this causes a lot of spam.
      • Chris B will talk with people on IRC about removing IRC links from website
      • TODO: Kristof will look at “badges” for discord and discourse to make it more obvious those are our preferred communication channels
    • Discourse Chat
      • Did not pursue this. Will wait for someone from the community to request this feature be enabled.
  • LLVM Meetup Funding (Kit)
    • Toronto Meetup happened in February; 35 attendees.
    • No updates on funding guidelines.
  • EuroLLVM 2023 Updates
    • Call for proposal deadline is today (March 3), but will be extended by a week
      • Currently have 42 submissions in HotCRP
    • Currently have 12 applications for travel grant proposals
      • Submissions closes on Mar 5, 2023
      • Mike and Chris B have volunteered to help review submissions
    • Registration opened last week
    • Request for funding MLIR Workshop:
      • Proposal is to host a workshop before the EuroLLVM conference, in Edinburgh.
  • EuroLLVM 2024 - Venue search
    • Discussed Visa situation
    • Starting venue search now - Portugal, Austria, Hungary, Italy, Amsterdam
  • 2023 US LLVM Dev Mtg - Venue search update
    • Venues outside of Bay area, and inside Bay area
    • Outside of Bay area:
      • Does not appear to be significantly cheaper to host outside of Bay area, based on F&B estimates
      • High variation in room rates
    • Inside of Bay area:
      • San Jose Convention Center not an option
      • Less choice of venues in Bay area, for our size
    • We will continue to search for venues in the Bay area.
  • Code of Conduct Committee
    • Need to finalize the code of conduct committee
    • Current Code of Conduct report will be handled with existing committee board members
  • Strategic Planning Updates, Next Steps
    • No community members present for the Grants & Scholarships program meetings last week
    • Two meetings next week on Diversity and Inclusion (March 6 and March 7)
  • GSoC update
    • LLVM was selected for Google Summer of Code again this year
    • Currently have a good number of proposals and discussions on the proposals
    • Student proposal link opens Mar 20, 2023. From there have approximately 2 weeks to finalize what we would like to see from students in their proposals
    • Have both veteran mentors as well as new mentors
  • Next Meeting: Apr 7, 2023