Board Meeting Minutes


I know everyone is very busy but I was wondering if the minutes for the recent (April, May, June, July) foundation board meetings would be uploaded to soon?

For many of us this provides the main insight into what the board is discussing. It’s also the type of task which might inadvertently fall through the cracks in the transition to the new board.

Many thanks,


Hi Simon,

Thanks for the nudge. I reorganized the documents, did an audit, and added the missing ones. I switched to plaintext for the newer ones since that makes them easier to work with (if anyone wants to help convert the old ones, I’d appreciate it!).

I’ll aim to get the minutes more promptly posted as they are approved in the future.


Also, please be aware that we can not post minutes until they are approved by the board. Right now we meet monthly (with a few exceptions). So July can’t be posted until after the August meeting. We did not meet in April so there are no minutes for that month.