Buildbot cleaning for zorg upgrade

Hello everyone,

Zorg upgrade to a recent version of buildbot is coming.

We would do our best to make the transition as smooth and transparent to the majority of LLVM community, as possible. The process will be handled similar to how we did the github transition.

As the next step, we will be cleaning zorg. All the code, which is not currently in use in the public build bot, will be removed.

If you are a bot owner, please check that your bot has a correct bot owner information and a valid contact e-mail address. Besides this there is nothing else yet required on your end. When everything will be ready, you would need to install a different version of buildbot on computers you maintain. I will let you know when.

We will be running the current and the new build bot for some time to take it step by step.

As a heads up for everyone, at some point we would stop accepting new builders and changes to zorg till we finish porting everything. If you have something cooking, please talk to me to make sure your time line and ours are coordinated.



Looking forward to the upgrade. Thanks for investing the time.

I am trying to re-add buildbots for polly-x86_64
( and I am not use whether you
received my messages about it. In any case, would you prefer to wait
until the new instance of buildbot-master is available?


Hello Michael,

Thanks for adding those polly bots!

Please feel free to stage the new bots. Everything is ready on the staging build bot.
You can point them to and make sure they are reliably green.



Done. They were reliably green on my private buildbot-master already.
Can I change to 9990 as soon as restarts?

The polly website documentation ( is also
not updating anymore. I also already contacted the maintainer of the
*-sphinx-docs builders, but he referred me to you. Could you look at
why they the docs are not updating anymore?