Calyx + CIRCT meeting

Following up to the discussion on August 25th, it seems that 10am-11am EST works best for everyone (when2meet link). Let’s meet then.

I’m happy to either provide a zoom meeting link or use the default CIRCT meeting link. The benefit of the latter is that we can record it and make it available for everyone else. @stephenneuendorffer thoughts?


  • Update folks on the progress of the Calyx compiler/IL and align our efforts with CIRCT.
  • Answer questions that came up during the August 25th meeting
    • Pipelines in Calyx/CIRCT
    • Optimizations pre- and post-scheduling
    • Integration w/ native Calyx infrastructure and possible benefits/downsides.

If it seems reasonable after this meeting, I’m happy to schedule a weekly/bi-weekly meeting to talk specifically about Calyx + CIRCT

(Edit: Changed start time from 9.30am to 10am EST)

How about 10-11 EST on Tue Aug 31? Then I will be a half hour less asleep :slight_smile:
I think using the regular zoom meeting will probably work…


I think Chris G. can’t make any of that time slot. I wanted him to be able to attend since he’s been working on that from our side and he’s only available till 10am. Let me know what you think.

It says everybody is available then, from what I can tell. If it’s done the timezone conversion correctly, then he’s free until 11am eastern.

You’re absolutely right! Apparently when2meet has an EST option that is not the same as US/Eastern. I’m good for 10am-11am. I’m going to update the post above to reflect that.