[CFP] Toolchains and kernel track at Linux Plumbers Conf 2022

The Linux Plumbers Conference 2022 (https://lpc.events) will be held
from 12 to 14 of September 2022 in Dublin.

As part of the conference we will be having a Toolchains and Kernel
track that will focus on topics of interest related to building the
Linux kernel, and kernel development in general. The goal is to get
kernel developers and toolchain developers together to discuss
outstanding or upcoming issues, feature requests, and further

Here we are calling for activity proposals for the track.

Note that LPC “activities” are not quite the same than regular talks as
they are found in most other free software events. The activities shall
be related to the Linux kernel and should focus on some particular
toolchain problem, or issue, or proposed enhancement, that require or
would benefit from the input of kernel hackers. The pursued outcome of
the activity shall not be some vague directions or promises of future
work and/or collaboration: you should aim to discuss and agree on the
spot using the fact the kernel hackers will be present. The duration of
each activity depends on its nature and on how it actually develops:
some discussions will require just a few minutes, while others may
require more time. However, it would be useful if you specify an
estimation of how much time you expect your activity will require; that
will help us in the scheduling. Slides are actually discouraged, so
please try to keep them at a minimum, the ideal is just one or two
slides to establish the context for the discussion.

As a reference, these are some of the topics that we would like to cover
this year:

  • Upstreaming Rust Support
  • Toolchain security feature requests
  • BPF/BTF support in the GNU Toolchain
  • Kernel Control Flow Integrity
  • PGO, AutoFDO, gprofng, perf
  • sysroots on kernel.org
  • hardware mitigation post mortems
  • Kernel debugging with drgn and poke+gdb
  • ABI analysis
  • GCC -fanalyzer
  • Fast Kernel Headers

If you are interested in proposing an activity, please use the online
form at the event website: Linux Plumbers Conference 2022 (12-14 September 2022): Call for Proposals · Indico

Please make sure you use the submission form for the Toolchains track.

The CFP closes the 15th of August. We will announce the approved
activities and publish the schedule of the track shortly after that.

Jose E. Marchesi & Nick Desaulniers