Linux Plumbers Conf 2021

This year the Linux Plumbers Conference ( will
be fully virtual, and will happen from September 20-24th 2021.

As part of the event, we are organizing a `Toolchains and Kernel
Micro-conference' devoted to discuss specific topics involving kernel and
toolchain. It will cover both the GNU Toolchain and LLVM.

As in previous years, the emphasis will be in discussing specific topics that
require collaboration/interaction between the kernel and the toolchain chaps.
Examples of topics are wrapping of syscalls, specific features in the
compiler/linker/etc that are used by the kernel, desired optimizations,
features to alleviate security concerns on the kernel side, and the like.

In order to get the Micro-Conference accepted we need to provide a list of
both topics and prospective attendants, so that's why I am reaching out to you
asking for:

1) Topics your project may want to discuss with the kernel hackers, during the

2) Whether you are willing to contribute and/or participate in the

Please let me know @