Date range for the 2023 US Dev Mtg?


I am aware that spotlight is at EuroLLVM at the moment. However, as I am unfortunately unable to attend the meeting in Glasgow, I want to make sure I can make it to the US Dev Mtg.
Is the rough date range for when the US Dev Mtg should take place already known? If yes, the “not before” and “not after” information would be super helpful and highly appreciated.

Thanks, Marius

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Usually these are announced at EuroLLVM, and for October-November.

In general we try to keep the events 6 months apart. However, it’s becoming more complicated due to avoiding holidays and space availability. My goal is for the US LLVM event to be in October and we are finalizing the contract.

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If possible, could you do it same week as the PyTorch conference (Oct 16-17) to help international attendees? These days there’s a big overlap between ML compilers and LLVM communities.

Thank you!