EuroLLVM 2022 - Details, Timeline, Volunteers Needed

EuroLLVM 2022 will be held in person this year! This event will be May 10-11 in London, UK.

It has been incredibly hard to plan events during the pandemic as our decisions are made months in advance without a crystal ball to know how the pandemic will change. However, we feel that there is enormous value in in-person events.

EuroLLVM will be smaller than in years past. We are currently planning on a 2 day event with a single track and another room for round table discussions. Please note that this may change based upon the proposals we get.

To give you an idea of rough time line:

  • February: Venue selection, call for proposals
  • March: Proposal deadline
  • April: Proposal Notification (aiming for 1 month before the event)
  • May: EuroLLVM

This is a little bit of a tight schedule, but given the conference is smaller, we hope it is achievable.

We also plan to restart the LLVM Foundation travel grant program, but we may have some additional restrictions due to the pandemic. Please stay tuned for details.

Lastly and probably most important! I’m looking for volunteers to form a program committee to help with proposal selection. If you are interested in helping out, please fill out this form here:


Hello! I just filled out the form and noticed that it says we will be notified on June 10th. I thought this could be a mistake since the meeting will be held in May, and just wanted to let you know :slight_smile:

Thanks for letting me know! I just fixed it :slight_smile:

Are there other channels for updates or will all news be posted here?

Just found a related poll here: Poll on Attending EuroLLVM 2022

I will post the CFP and official announcement on the Announcements category. I will use this category for planning, questions, etc.

We are still trying to lock in the venue. It’s been very slow.

@tonic Please can you update the homepage to mention that eurollvm22 is happening (even if its just says May 2022) ? It still currently says the nov21 devmtg is ‘upcoming’


Yes, working on it.

@tonic are you still looking for people for volunteers for the PC?

i volunteer too …

@tonic, just filled in the form. Still getting used to discourse as it did not send notifications…

I don’t want to make a fuzz, but 2nd week of May is only 8 weeks from now. It would be great to get an official announcement or at least the exact conference days as soon as possible. Otherwise I will have a hard time to get it scheduled.

I am 90% sure the dates will be May 10 & 11 (do not take this as an official announcement though), but for some reason (most likely staffing/pandemic) it has been very slow to secure the venue despite starting the venue search several months ago. I can’t announce until I have the contract signed. This is not how I normally like to do things either.


Tanya, I think it is safe and better to apply for visas right now, right? (of course for people who need the visa)

Visa timelines may be too tight for this event, but I don’t know the specifics of everyone’s situation. We think that those more local to the area would be able to join and the event has been scaled back in terms of size to anticipate this. Normally we would have a much longer lead time to help with visa applications.

Are we any closer to knowing any more precise dates?

I think this should be linked here: EuroLLVM 2022 - Call for Talk Proposals

May 10th and 11th. Formal announcement going out tomorrow morning (my time).