GitHub Actions VMs

GitHub actions hosted runners only support a VM size which is woefully underpowered.

Each virtual machine has the same hardware resources available.

  • 2-core CPU
  • 7 GB of RAM memory
  • 14 GB of SSD disk space

This is already an inconvenience as LLVM rebuilds take ~1 hour! Some of our eventual compile tests will probably exceed the memory size. I’ve asked about this limitation. Will report back.

I believe there are several ways to connect to external build servers through github actions. I’ve been feeling out within Xilinx how to get a build server to enable this, but expect push back about making that publicly available, so unless this becomes a significant bottleneck I’m not going to push hard on it. I think other open source projects within the company will also hit this so then it will be easier to make happen.

Yeah, but GH doesn’t recommend doing that for public repos. It’s a security issue since anyone can initiate a PR from any fork and hence can run anything on your servers. Also, I don’t think there’s a mechanism to limit usage.

I’d also push for funding within MSFT if not for this.