[GSoC 2014] Adding a New Language

I discovered LLVM back in about October 2013 when I first read about Clang’s static analysis tool and Automatic Reference Counting (so cool!). Since then, I’ve been reading, learning, and generally following the LLVM project, albeit pretty quietly.
In that time, I’ve learned a little about what LLVM really is and managed to get it to compile on my machine (Ubuntu 13.10, x86-64). It was actually pretty easy, a good testament to the work you all have put in to make it simple, as well as document it.
I’m writing about GSoC 2014. Since December 2012, I have been creating a new programming language called LFyre. The design is basically done. Yes, I put in a year on design alone; I wanted to get it right. I documented my whole experience with a long blog (nearly 100 posts) at http://lfyre.blogspot.com. Back in December of 2013, I decided to use LLVM to bootstrap the compiler. There were the obvious benefits, of course, but I also chose it over g++ for ease (the IR looks really good) and because I wanted Automatic Reference Counting in LFyre.
Here’s my question: does LLVM allow students to code on “external” projects that use the LLVM infrastructure? I would like to create an LLVM front end for LFyre. I will end up doing it anyway, and it would be great if I could be paid for it. I’ve already written a working lexer in C++, so I do have a little experience.
Please let me know if it would be possible. And if so, I would love to hear from any potential mentors. Thanks!
God Bless,
Gavin Howard