How to find reviewers?

I submitted a pull request ([MLIR][Transform] Add attribute in MatchOp to filter by operand type by pabloantoniom · Pull Request #67994 · llvm/llvm-project · GitHub) a while ago but nobody has reviewed it yet.

I read this where it says “To make sure the right people see your patch, please select suitable reviewers …” but I feel like this is applicable to Phabricator, but not to Github, since I don’t see any way of assigning reviewers myself. Maybe I’m missing something, but it’s not clear to me how should I request for reviewers.

Hi @pablo,

I added some reviewers to your PR.

Before you have write access, you can get the attention of potential reviewers by CC’ing them in a comment under the PR – just @name them.

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Thanks for the clarification (and for the reviewers :slightly_smiling_face:).

It makes sense, but it didn’t feel good doing it if that was not documented anywhere. Now at least it is documented here, although it might be worth updating the docs so that new people can see it. Thanks!

You can use this as an opportunity to open a second PR :slight_smile:

This section of the docs is also in the same repo (llvm-project):

Yes, please do update the docs! We’ve seen this question a few times, here and on Discord. If you don’t have the time to update the docs, maybe it’s worthwhile to quickly create a github issue for it, marking it as a good beginner issue (by adding the “good first issue” label.

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This also gave me an idea to add some help to the PR template: [llvm][Github] Add Pull Request template with link to Github docs/Discord/Forums by DavidSpickett · Pull Request #71923 · llvm/llvm-project · GitHub

@pablo If you have the time, could you take a look and see if that would have helped you? (on the assumption that our github guide gets updated to answer the reviewers question)

Your perspective on the wording would be very valuable.


@DavidSpickett I had a look and it looks good to me. The wording it’s clear and the information is helpful for people that is not familiar for the process.

Regarding the docs, I think it would be useful for newcomers like me, so I have just created a PR for that :slightly_smiling_face: ([Docs] Instructions for new contributors to find reviewers by pabloantoniom · Pull Request #71936 · llvm/llvm-project · GitHub)

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