Newbie question: phabricator reviewers?!


As a newbie to the world of LLVM's phabricator review process, I have a
question that seems not to be handled in the official help page
( The question I have is, who should I
add as a reviewer to my patch? I assume simply adding cfe-commits only is not
the correct way?

The patch in question is I had a look in
CODE_OWNERS.TXT, and the obvious choice would have been Richard, but I didn't
think it right to simply just stick him on the list (I imagine he is busy

What is the correct approach?


Thanks. I've chosen two, so hopefully that'll be ok.


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Subject: Re: [cfe-dev] Newbie question: phabricator reviewers?!

> I've tended to read through the history of the files I'm changing to
> a few reviewers. People seem happy to drop in or out as appropriate.

I've added some advice on choosing reviewers in r256265, which essentially
says what Jonathan said but using more words. :slight_smile:

I know from personal experience that getting started with Phabricator can
be a bit daunting! Hopefully the rest of it was sufficiently helpful.

Thanks, I think that will help people. I received three different
recommendations in response to my original post, so the clarification is
certainly good to have. Thanks again!